Journalism innovation | teaching

When I helped teach the first "Cyberspace Reporting" class at Columbia University Journalism School in 1994, it led to my creating the "New Media" curriculum and graduating the first set of digital majors in 1995 where we focused on web design and online publications ("zines"). For an industry still focused CD-ROMs, AOL, Prodigy and Compuserve, creating web content was pretty radical.

Since then, I've pushed the envelope on teaching using digital cameras, blogging platforms, online collaboration and interactive tools.

Video storytelling education

Training materials I've developed for visual literacy and video shooting and editing have been used at the Wall Street Journal for reporting staff and for training sessions at the Online News Association annual conference. Educators and journalists are welcome to use the checklists and guides below.

Video checklist Audio checklist Editing software
video-fiveshotchecklist video-fiveshotchecklist-2013-1017.pdf video-audiochecklist-onepager-20131017.pdf video-editingsoftware.pdf