Wikipedia’s Hitwise Numbers

On this blog and at the Wikipedia Weekly podcast, we have been critical about the challenges Wikipedia faces, and what this means for reliability and growth. This comes from a desire of wanting to see the Wikipedia revolution continue. So it’s important to reabsorb how far ahead Wikipedia’s lead still is, as Hitwise shows exactly how dominant it has become [ref]:

A day after Encyclopaedia Britannica renewed its vow to make an online push, it became clear how steep of a climb it faces.

Wikipedia received 97 percent of the visits U.S. Web surfers made to online encyclopedias last week, Web monitoring company Hitwise said Friday.

MSN Encarta was second with 1.27 percent of visits, followed by (0.76 percent), Fact Monster (0.72 percent) and, in fifth place, (0.57 percent).’s share of U.S. visits dropped 53 percent last month compared with December 2007, Hitwise said.

Ouch, 97%. That’s even larger market share than Microsoft Windows had at its peak.

If Wikipedia was a for-profit entity, I could imagine anti-trust issues coming up.

6 thoughts on “Wikipedia’s Hitwise Numbers

  1. Given that Wikipedia is in effect a monopoly, would you agree with me that it is for Wikipedia to make sure that they are as open as feasible when it comes to their data and practices ?

    Do you agree that the current templates are as effective in preventing reuse as the shifting logic of Microsoft products ?

  2. Im no pro, but I suppose you just crafted a very good point point. You naturally understand what youre speaking about, and I can really get behind that. Thanks for being so upfront and so truthful.

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