Olympic Media Village – Internet Minibar

I take back my gripes about paying Accor hotels US $30 a night for Internet access. We have a new winner, namely the Beijing Olympics Media Village. My wife who is staying there already told me they were going to charge reporters for Internet access (and a censored one at that) but now the details have been posted to Slashdot, the online tech salon:

“Working for the Olympics as an IT contractor, I recently moved to the Media Village (where all of the reporters live) and was surprised the there was no free internet. BOCOG (Beijing Organizing Committee of the 2008 Olympic Games) is charging a ridiculous amount of money for ADSL service: for

  • 512/512 it costs 7712.5 RMB (1,131.20 USD);
  • 1M/512 it costs 9156.25 (1,342.95 USD);
  • 2M/512 it costs a whopping 11,700 RMB (1,716.05 USD).

That is for only one month! For extra features like a fixed IP? That costs an additional 450 RMB (66 USD). I just can’t believe that not only do I have to deal with the Great Firewall of China, but also pay through the nose to use it!”

While I can imagine that it is “noise” for NBC and the big guys, it is not inconsequential for other news outfits.

I suggest someone be kind and bring an Airport Express or other Wifi router and share the Internet love.

24 thoughts on “Olympic Media Village – Internet Minibar

  1. Wouldn’t it be cheaper to use an internet cafe at that point? Hell, my crappy China Telecom connection is about 700RMB for six months. Nice to see China still enjoys ripping off visitors at every turn.

  2. My guess is that every single Chinese Internet Cafe (5 RMB/hour) within a 5 kilometer radius of the Media Village will be shut down for two months, to “ensure the smooth hosting of the Olympics and safeguard the city’s social stability during the Olympic games” of course.

    My suggestion is to head for the Haidian District, which has Beijing’s largest concentration of Internet Cafes.

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  4. So internet is not “free” (in $) and not “free” as in censored. So, which “free” was China talking about when IOC asked ?

  5. 你们他妈的脑子进水了吧,都想来白吃白喝白住,还他妈白用,去死吧

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  7. 咱们来北京的白人吃白饭,喝白开水,住白云观, 用白Wi-Fi

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  9. Mrs. Lih is an IT contractor, not the target customer of all these rate card services. They are designed for press agencies and approved by IOC. If you have previous Olympic Games experience, you will find that all priceses on rate card list in Beijing are lower than before. BTW, free of charge internet access has never been promised. Mrs. Lih doesn’t need to be superised. If you once participate the WPB(World Press Briefing) last year, you will find that all you mentioned are agreed by all press agencies.

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  12. If not an IT contractor, why it says black and white as “Working for the Olympics as an IT contractor, I recently moved to the Media Village (where all of the reporters live)… ” A journalist working for the Olympics as an IT contractor? Just curious about the truth.

  13. Ah perhaps there was a misunderstanding — my wife told me of the high prices, but the exact amounts in the blog post come from Slashdot quoting an IT contractor.

  14. I see some angry nationalists have got in on the thread – 6&8 – with unconstructive, and for the majority unintelligible, comments: I suggest posting in english since the site is in english and the majority will actually understand you. But maybe think of something good to say first instead of some silly word games.

    Such high internet prices are silly, though I expect it is fairly common practice at events such as this, though the firewall degrades performance: what were internet prices at previous olympics?

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