Second Amendment Mojo

I’ve learned something this US election cycle.

Instead of paying phony lip service to the NRA and right-wing gun lobby like Hillary “Annie Oakley” Clinton, every American politician should have a picture on file, waiting in the wings, like this:

Of course, with several captions ready to go:

  • “The wife and I have a different idea when it comes to ‘shooting the breeze.’”
  • “Yes honey, next time you can use the M4 Carbine and I’ll settle for the nancy H&K MP5 9mm peashooter.”
  • “See? Not all journalists are left wing crunchy granola bleeding heart liberals. We shoot to kill.”
  • “Live fire exercises with 5.56mm rounds? No big deal. I’ve been through Wikipedia edit wars with more casualties.”

PS: Barack, mocking Hillary Clinton probably wasn’t a very smart move for you.

2 thoughts on “Second Amendment Mojo

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