RIP Business 2.0

The NY Times reports that this is indeed the final call for Business 2.0, a fine magazine headed by my former teaching partner in NYC, Josh Quittner. It’s really too bad. As much as fine publications in the blogosphere have made monthly magazines a bit “old school,” there is still value in a thoughtful, monthly perspective on the industry.

I have the latest issue, which will be added to my box of former dot-com publications that I have toted around with me the last ten years. These include MacWeek, PC Week, Silicon Alley Reporter, Brill’s Content, The Industry Standard, Inside and Upside.

One thought on “RIP Business 2.0

  1. The primary app is the one on the left and it can do a few things that the secondary app can’t—it “owns” the status bar, can work with an external display, and can use as much as 75 percent of the display

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