The Pownce Update

This is a quick update on my previous post, where I pledged to make a stand on the deletion of [[Pownce]] in Wikipedia. Recap: Pownce is a new Web 2.0 site started by Kevin Rose of fame. While it’s not particularly unique (see Twitter, Jaiku, etc) it is newsworthy and has been written up in BusinessWeek and has been the buzz of Silicon Valley.

It’s incredible that anyone could argue against a Wikipedia entry for the site. Wikipedia has become the “first stop” for any one doing research on anything in the universe. Removal of [[Pownce]] would be a direct blow to Wikipedia’s usefulness especially for its coverage of technology. People expect to see an entry on Pownce.

After I undeleted it unilaterally, it was left alone for a day or so. But after the folks involved with deletion saw that it was recreated, it was put up for deletion review, once again. With the added attention, more folks have chimed in with “Keep” votes, many using the “common sense” argument. Someone had to point out to the “delete” voters:

Keep as per Grue. I also note 4,650,000 hits in Google, is this really “non-notable”? Walkerma 01:49, 18 July 2007 (UTC)

We’ve lost a lot of sense, and the values in Wikipedia are not as common anymore. It’s encouraging that Wikipedia veterans I haven’t seen in a while made their voices heard as I fear there is a new crew dedicated to deletion/fixing, who don’t have much experience or interest in article writing at all. Even worse, they’re not even interested in doing any deeper research. If it’s not all described or detailed on the article in question, it’s “off to the rubbish heap with ya.”

After lots of insightful comments to my last blog post, it appears to have inspired a new [[Wikipedia:Article Rescue Squadron]] with two dozen folks signing up and vigorous discussion on the Talk page.

This morning, someone left a note on my talk page, telling me of another move to speedy delete Pownce last night. Two folks were able to beat back that attempt.
The saga continues.

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