Skypecast – Wikipedia Conversation from Florida

SHORT: I will be hosting a live Skypecast of a conversation/interview with Brad Patrick and Danny Wool of the Wikimedia Foundation on Friday, August 25, 2006 at 11 am EST (UTC-5). All are welcome to join (using Skype), and also to chime in with questions. Find details on the Skypecast here.

LONG: I’m in St. Petersburg, Florida, as part of research on a book about Wikipedia, and wanted to interview both Brad and Danny. I figured, why don’t we do a “radio-like” show with us in the Wikimedia Foundation offices, and community members can chime in as well? Brad Patrick is the general counsel and interim executive director of the WMF, and Danny Wool is a longtime Wikipedian and holds the position of grants officer. Among the things we’ll discuss (but we want audience participation):

  • What does the WMF office do? Who are the people in the office?
  • What is the difference between Wikimedia and Wikipedia?
  • What happens on a day to day basis in the office?
  • Where are the Wikimedia servers?
  • What can the WMF staff do to help the Wikimedia projects?
  • What are the challenges for the future for WMF?

Please feel free to add comments/questions here, or listen live via Skype and you can “Request the microphone” just like a radio call-in show. We will try to let as many participants chime in.

The time was chosen so that it occurs when most folks are awake – 11pm in East Asia, 9pm in Moscow, 4/5pm in Europe, 11am in Eastern US, 8am in Western US. If you cannot join online, I plan to make a podcast available.

Caveat: This is the first Skypecast we’re hosting so please be patient if at 11am we are still working out some kinks.

5 thoughts on “Skypecast – Wikipedia Conversation from Florida

  1. Can please give the correct date and time in UTC+0? Like it now I have no idea what time you mean.

    # Eastern Standard Time – three separate time zones use this name:

    * the Australian time zone at UTC+10
    * the Brazilian Eastern time zone at UTC-3
    * the North American time zone at UTC-5

  2. Hi Walter, I am in Florida. So it’s 11 am Florida, USA time. EST, East Coast Standard Time, USA.


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