About Me

His interests include the development of open content and collaborative efforts in journalism. Wikis and web logs have allowed many more netizens to be producers of content and not simply browsers of the Internet. This will have an increasingly important role in China’s media ecology, as it becomes the largest mobile phone and Internet market in the world.

He taught at Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism and at the University of Hong Kong before embarking on writing a book about the Wikipedia community in 2007.

He has been a commentator on new media, technology and journalism issues on CNN, BBC radio, MSNBC and NPR.


    * AT&T Bell Labs - 1990-1993

    * Mediabridge.com - 1994-1995

    * Columbia University - 1995-2002

    * Hong Kong University - 2003-2006

Andrew Lih is a new media researcher and writer based in Beijing, China

Beijing Bird’s Nest Stadium

(photo: Andrew Lih)